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Zappone Spins Lies Like A Pro for Tusla

Katherine Zappone told an adoption seminar yesterday that she has a duty to "listen to birth mothers and the concerns that they have..” It was a barefaced lie.
Truth is that Minister Zappone has consistently refused to meet with Ireland largest group representing natural mothers of adopted people. Her nod to mothers' views was formula political bullshit.

But at the adoption seminar there was nobody to contradict her. That's because seminar organizers -the Adoption Authority of Ireland - somehow "forgot" to invite the largest representative group for natural mothers to present their views. Just days ahead of the seminar, the AAI apologized to the Irish First Mothers group for that 'oversight'.

The simple reason for their exclusion relates to Minister Zappone's recent Dail statement painting mothers as part of an undeserving mob merely grabbing for redress cash. The Irish State has a conveniently Puritan attitude to it's past victims and Zappone has q…