Zappone Spins Lies Like A Pro for Tusla

Katherine Zappone told an adoption seminar yesterday that she has a duty to "listen to birth mothers and the concerns that they have..It was a barefaced lie.

Truth is that Minister Zappone has consistently refused to meet with Ireland largest group representing natural mothers of adopted people. Her nod to mothers' views was formula political bullshit.

But at the adoption seminar there was nobody to contradict her. That's because seminar organizers -the Adoption Authority of Ireland - somehow "forgot" to invite the largest representative group for natural mothers to present their views. Just days ahead of the seminar, the AAI apologized to the Irish First Mothers group for that 'oversight'.

The simple reason for their exclusion relates to Minister Zappone's recent Dail statement painting mothers as part of an undeserving mob merely grabbing for redress cash. The Irish State has a conveniently Puritan attitude to it's past victims and Zappone has quickly learned the State's ways to the detriment of her reputation.

In late 2015, the founder of Irish First Mothers, Kathy McMahon gave impassioned testimony to the Dail committee examining adoption information law reform. She told the committee that mothers viewed with horror the proposal to hand their adoption records to a scandal-ridden Tusla.

You can hear what Kathy said in this VIDEO.

Tusla is an Irish semi-State 
quango whose legendary corporate malfeasance is rooted inside the government apparatus which spawned both it and the HSE. Expanding this lucrative Tusla monster by giving it new bureaucratic domain over adoption records was the seminar's hidden agenda.

The First Mothers testimony to the Dail was excised from the committee's final report by it's Chair, Jerry Buttimer, TD(FG). The group is clearly too hot to be heard on these issues and Zappone has carefully declined to meet with them. 

The truth is that the top table of the seminar was a rigged game. A platform stacked with establishment insiders. For example, the Adoption Rights Alliance(ARA) representative was Labour Party executive insider, Susan Lohan who puzzlingly welcomed Zappone's very limited Mother and Baby Home investigation. The establishment deploys an aged and naive Philomena Lee like a totem at these staged events.

Here's how the con  works. The aim of the establishment at yesterday's seminar is to lock away the dangerous secrets of Ireland's adoption records under the control of Tusla - the corrupted and tragically incompetent family welfare agency.

To distract from that agenda, the ARA and the Minister have developed a diversionary contrivance issue to disagree on. Later the ARA will be allowed to claim changes in government intent as a 'victory'. It's the Labour-FG politics of fake opposition, with idiot media playing along.

But Zappone may not be finished playing politics with this by a long shot. Fake politics could be emboldening Zappone to use the historical treatment of mothers as a cudgel to beat the Church with -and thus garner support for a yes vote in an abortion referendum. The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes is due to report to Zappone in February, 2018. Zappone has just announced that she favors the abortion referendum being held in the same month.

Irish newspapers of record avoid reporting on these sly political subtleties. The exceptions are Conor Lally for the Irish Times and notably, Justine McCarthy for the Irish edition of the Sunday Times. Thankfully, Ireland's regional broadcast media have also shown up the Dublin mob's self-reinforcing reporting.

But RTE's coverage is well butchered by vested interests. Religious correspondent, Joe Little has maintained a stalwart boycott of any mention of the First Mothers group. That helps keep the Church's ass covered in a manner that must have Terry Prone smirking.

Watching out for the State is former journalist, Sean O'Rourke -who relies solely on Labour's Lohan (an adopted person) for expert opinion on issues affecting natural mothers. Sean O'Rourke's daughter Maeve is a legal adviser to Lohan's group. The Irish Examiner's Conall Ó Fátharta, also rather tiresomely reports all events through the ARA's adoptee blinkers and rarely even acknowledges that a mothers group exists or that they have vastly differing views.


Having lost confidence in the Dail, and the insulting State investigation, the First Mothers group last month laid formal genocide charges against the Irish State and the institutional Church.

First Mothers are now conducting their own Public Inquiry into what they deem were violations of Ireland's genocide laws.

Five witnesses have now testified. You can hear their testimony in their own spoken words.

Yes, that's right, Irish First Mothers are holding a probing and public inquiry!

Something the State predictably failed to do. Mothers deserve your support.

Help in any way you can. Share and spread the word. The Truth will Out.

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